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Building a High Performance Work Culture Seminar

Building a High Performance Work Culture FG Solicitors

Date: Wednesday 13 April 2016

Time: 8:00 – 10:00 am

Cost: Free including breakfast

Venue: FG Solicitors Offices, 2 Deanery Court, Grange Farm, Preston Deanery, Northampton, NN7 2DT

In our continuing series focusing on optimising staff management we invite you to our latest seminar – Building a High Performance Work Culture.

To see how your business goals can be achieved through maximising staff engagement and productivity, join us on 13 April when we will cover:

  • Tools for evaluating your existing performance management strategy
  • Building and maintaining a high performance culture
  • Creating an effective performance management process
  • A practical insight for managing poor performers
  • Reward and performance strategies

Please e-mail us to reserve your spot:

To discuss our next event or for any other enquiries, please contact us:

+44 (0) 808 172 93 22

FGWorks October 2015

FG Works Oct 2015

Welcome to our new look  – FGWorks

A more focused and condensed update to aid Businesses and Managers of People. Keep your fingers on the pulse on all the latest changes within the Employment Arena. We hope you will find the Newsletter a useful source of information but your feedback is always welcome and important to us as we continually strive to improve and develop the services we offer. Feedback can be sent to

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FGazette July 2015

FGazette NewsletterFor all the latest updates on government actions in regards to trade unions, employment tribunals with a focus on settlement agreements and engaging your workforce please follow the link in the image.

Please forward the FGazette to any of your colleagues and contacts to whom you feel it may be of benefit.

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Seminar: Social Media in the Workplace

Social Media AppsSocial Media in the Workplace – in association with: Brackmills Industrial Estate

Date: Thursday 19th March 2015
Time: 8:00-9:15am
Cost: Free
Holiday Inn Northampton,
Bedford Road,
Northampton NN4 7YF

Exploring some of the problems relating to social media and practical solutions for concerned employers such as:

  • What’s the problem?
    • time wasting
    • risk of civil liability
    • risk of criminal liability
    • reputational damage
    • spontaneity, reach and permanence
  • Fairness of dismissals
  • Writing a social media policy
  • Criminal offences
  • Who owns social media accounts?

To book your place at our Social Media in the Workplace seminar, please contact us using the details below:

+44 (0) 808 172 93 22

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Holiday Pay Seminar: 5 February – FAQs

Holiday Pay Seminar – FAQs

Holiday Planning

Q: I pay a car allowance of £500 a month on top of a salary of £2,000 a month to my employees.  Do I have to take the car allowance into account when calculating holiday pay? 

A: You would carry on paying the car allowance while the employee is on holiday as this is a normal contractual benefit. However, you would not take it into account twice when calculating the holiday; you would continue to pay £2,500 per month as you are already paying the allowance.

Q: We have an employee who is off on long term sick leave and living in Poland.  How can we manage this absence? 

A: You should try to keep in contact with the employee as much as possible. You should ask them for a fit note/medical certificate from a Polish medical professional and if necessary get it translated. These should be kept up to date. If they are unable to travel back to the UK for absence reviews, you should consider conducting these over the telephone or in writing. Please be aware that a fit note from a doctor outside the UK is evidence of the employee’s ill health. HMRC may arrange translations into English where you disagree with your employee on their SSP entitlement.

If unsure, you should take advice.

Q: We ask employees to reserve 3 days of their annual leave for the Christmas shutdown.  One employee put in a fit note the day before their annual leave, covering them for this period.  Do they have the right to take this annual leave at another time?

A: They may do. It depends upon your policies, how much holiday they are entitled to and when the holiday year starts and ends.  If they are only entitled to statutory holiday pay (28 days including bank holidays) then they are more likely to be entitled to take it at another time. If:

  1. they are entitled to contractual holiday (for example they are entitled to 31 days per year); and
  2. these 3 days are the last of the holiday year, which ends at the end of December and as such fall outside the statutory entitlement; then, depending upon your policies, there may be an argument that they are not entitled to take this holiday at another time.

Q: Is the law in force now in relation to taking into account overtime when calculating holiday pay?

A: Yes, it is in force. The case law is an interpretation of European legislation and UK regulations which were already in force.

Q: You said that there should be regulations coming into force in July 2015 in relation to limiting the amount of time employees can go back to claim unlawful deductions from wages (a backstop period).  Will this be retrospective and therefore get rid of any historical liability?

A: The new backstop period will apply to claims presented on or after 1 July 2015. The current law will apply to claims brought before this date.

Q: I am confused about what types of overtime should be taken into account when calculating holiday pay.  Can you help?

A: Please see the table below which sets out guidance for which types of overtime should be taken into account in the holiday pay calculation.

Type of Overtime Description Include?
Compulsory/ Guaranteed • Must be worked
• Regularly required
5.6 weeks
Non-guaranteed • Regularly required
• Cannot be unreasonably refused
4 weeks
Voluntary • Regularly worked YES – ?
Review all circumstances
Voluntary • Occasional
• Irregular

Holiday Pay Update Seminar – February 2015

Holiday PlanningHoliday Hell or Holiday Heaven… What’s Your Strategy?

Date: Thursday 5th February 2015

Time: 8:00-10:00am              Cost: Free

Venue: FG Solicitors Offices, 2 Deanery Court, Grange Farm, Preston Deanery, Northampton, NN7 2DT

Holiday pay has become a legal minefield for employers.

  • Are you unsure about your legal obligations?
  • Have you figured out whether you need to take into account overtime, bonus and commission payments?
  • What happens during periods of sick leave?
  • Have you calculated what an increase in the holiday pay bill could mean for your bottom line?

Whilst no two businesses are the same, we understand at FG Solicitors that you will all have common goals:

  • Accurately assessing the problem
  • Introducing the right strategy for the business

A clear strategy avoids holiday hell. Join us to identify solutions relevant to your business!

To book your place at our seminar, please contact us using the details below:

+44 (0) 808 172 93 22

We look forward to seeing you at our next seminar.

If you feel this seminar would benefit other colleagues or companies please feel free to forward the details on.

FGazette July 2014

140701 ThumbnailWelcome to the latest edition of FGazette! The quarterly newsletter of FG Solicitors – Lawyers for today’s employers.

We are delighted to present the July edition of the FGazette, which looks at the latest changes to flexible working; whistleblowing and restrictive covenants.

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Future Seminars

Seminar Medley

FG Solicitors’ seminars are bespoke to your requirements – we are always open to suggestions for future seminar topics.

We are currently planning our next seminars and would like to ask you to get involved with suggestions using the poll below. To get your imagination going please find below some suggested topic areas that you may be interested in but please feel free to recommend alternatives if there is a subject you would particularly like to gain more information and understanding on.

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