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Give a little love to your business with FG Solicitors

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Love Your Business

At FG Solicitors we believe that loving your business is about giving it the best chance to succeed in growing its profitability, reputation and becoming a leader in its field.

When you think about what you love about your business it could be your client base, your exemplary products and services or your innovative approach to driving and developing the business, but what about the building blocks of the business?

No matter what you do or how you do it, loving your business starts with building excellent HR infrastructure, developing and nurturing a strong and dynamic workforce, and leading that workforce with confidence and efficiency.

How FG Solicitors can help

At FG Solicitors we are experts in employment and HR Law and Solutions. We offer a range of services for all sizes of business to help you LOVE your business all year round —

• Advice and Support regarding all employment law matters
• Business Health Check / Audit
• HR and Legal Awareness Training
• HR and Legal Consultancy
• Development and maintenance of HR Infrastructure
• Resolving Employment Disputes
• Health and Safety Review and Policy Development
• Corporate Immigration

Guide for employers on preventing illegal working in the UK

The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 

The law on preventing illegal working is set out in the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 (“the 2006 Act”).   The rules were introduced to make it harder for people with no right to work in the UK to be employed and also as part of the Government’s campaign on immigration control.

The Border Agency has published a useful and comprehensive guide to assist employers to comply with their duties under the 2006 Act – FULL GUIDE FOR EMPLOYERS ON PREVENTING ILLEGAL WORKING IN THE UK (May 2012). This can be found at

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