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Out of date employee contracts and policies, are you at risk?

Outdated ContractsThe last thing any business owner wants is a lawsuit. If you’re careful it’s an avoidable business risk, unless you have outdated employee contracts and policies. Then you may be risking one of your employees taking action against your company.

Employment law is continually changing. To protect your company you need to ensure your employee contracts and policies are updated and maintained on a regular basis. At FG Solicitors we specialise in Employment Law and proactively work with our clients to ensure their documents are working for them.

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Floyd Graham & Co Solicitors are Delighted to Announce the Arrival of “Flight Plan”- Assistance for Start up Businesses Wishing to Employ Staff

“Flight Plan” is Floyd Graham & Co Solicitors’ no cost start-up pack of Employment and HR documentation for new businesses, which are less than 6 months’ old, and seeking to employ staff.  This initiative arises out of Floyd Graham & Co Solicitors’ desire to support start up businesses in the current climate.

Floyd Graham & Co Solicitors realise how difficult it can be for start up businesses faced with a minefield of employment legislation and HR practices. The pack contains the following documents:

  • Flight Plan – How to Take on Employees. A guidance note on:
    • The recruitment process
    • Information that must be contained within a contract of employment
    • Information about the staff handbook
    • During employment including guidance on the probationary period, holidays and absence
    • Guidance note on the common misconceptions about employment
  • Recruitment Flowchart
  • Standard Job Description
  • Checklist – Pre-advertisement of Role
  • Standard Application for Employment
  • Standard Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
  • Letter Inviting a Candidate to an Interview
  • Standard Contract of Employment
  • Working Time Election Form
  • Letter Offering Employment
  • Standard Staff Handbook
  • Holiday Request Form
  • Sickness Self Certification Form
  • Guidance Note on Possible Additional Benefits for Employees.

As stated above, this pack of documents is available to businesses which are less than 6 months’ old for a no cost contribution.

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