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Give a little love to your business with FG Solicitors

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Love Your Business

At FG Solicitors we believe that loving your business is about giving it the best chance to succeed in growing its profitability, reputation and becoming a leader in its field.

When you think about what you love about your business it could be your client base, your exemplary products and services or your innovative approach to driving and developing the business, but what about the building blocks of the business?

No matter what you do or how you do it, loving your business starts with building excellent HR infrastructure, developing and nurturing a strong and dynamic workforce, and leading that workforce with confidence and efficiency.

How FG Solicitors can help

At FG Solicitors we are experts in employment and HR Law and Solutions. We offer a range of services for all sizes of business to help you LOVE your business all year round —

• Advice and Support regarding all employment law matters
• Business Health Check / Audit
• HR and Legal Awareness Training
• HR and Legal Consultancy
• Development and maintenance of HR Infrastructure
• Resolving Employment Disputes
• Health and Safety Review and Policy Development
• Corporate Immigration

Farewell EU – What Now?

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“The will of the people must be respected” says Prime Minister David Cameron on the outcome of the UK referendum on membership of the EU. One can’t escape the view that this should read “the will of the people must be interpreted.”

As of 6.00 am today, we as a nation appear to have become victims of unanticipated consequences, and are now at the mercy of outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by our purposeful actions. I fear that full appreciation of the consequences of our actions will not be achieved for some time as predictions indicate that it will take at least 2 years to achieve disentanglement from our European partners.

In the immediate haze of global reaction, currency free-fall, stock exchange hysteria and concern about future trading conditions with the remaining 27 member states of the European Union, there is a risk that UK businesses may defer undertaking a strategic review of the impact on their workforce resulting from Brexit. In the short term, the biggest risk to workforce productivity will be uncertainty, particularly for those members of the workforce that are EU nationals and those that are British nationals working throughout the EU, currently estimated to be around 1 million. The uncertainty could manifest itself in key individual members of the workforce exiting of their own accord to seek greater stability elsewhere. It is essential that individual businesses develop effective operational and communication strategies without delay!

As UK businesses grapple with the challenges of negotiating commercial trade agreements in the new post EU membership world of tariffs and barriers to entry, it is a realistic possibility that revenue streams will become less profitable and this may inevitably lead to a rebalancing of profit margins by reducing headcount. A strategic review now, if operational effectiveness is to be maintained, will be well worth the effort.

And what, I hear you cry, of existing EU Legislation? The short answer is that a lot of EU laws are already incorporated into our domestic legislation through Acts of Parliament and Regulations, while there may very well be some tinkering in the medium to long term, it is unlikely, in this employment lawyer’s view, that our exit from the EU will result in any wholesale overhaul of our domestic employment legislation.

When the dust finally settles on the UK’s exit from the EU, the issue of Border controls and immigration status will become a further challenge for UK business whether domiciled in the UK or within the EU and using UK labour. While this may very well be 2 years away, businesses are encouraged to consider the implications now and devise a strategy to deal with potential key skills loss, recruitment and succession planning.

For advice and assistance with any employment law, HR or corporate immigration issue contact FG Solicitors on 01604 871143 or visit our website at for further information.

M. Roberts

“I recently had cause to seek advice from FG Solicitors. The quality of the advice I received was exemplary and the level of service excellent. Calls were returned in good time, agreed actions were completed as discussed and help was available when needed. In what was a very difficult and stressful time for me the team at FG were sensitive and accommodating and most importantly they delivered my key objective. I would not hesitate to recommend FG Solicitors to anyone requiring employment law and HR related advice.”

Mark Roberts

Sentinel New Features

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Attendance Management System and Employee Self-Service Dashboard System.

Attendance Management

The new system enables the  streamlining of absence management and the ability to create rotas at the click of few buttons.

o  Leave management  –


o  Rota management –

Employee Self-Service Dashboards –

This provides both Managers and staff real time access to online leave requests/authorisation and to view their published rota schedules.

o  Employees can apply for leave via online secure dashboards

o  Employees can view their own published rotas

For further details please contact


Sentinel High Performance HR Management

Hot Off the Press!

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Imagine a World….

Data-transferImagine a world

Where Employers have at their fingertips every single piece of information in relation to employees that is current, relevant and accessible 24 hours per day, 365 days per year from anywhere in the world………

Where all contracts, policies and procedures are constantly updated to ensure that legal compliance and operational and strategic flexibility in relation to employees can be taken for granted……….

Where bespoke documents tailored to your organisation are readily available and at your fingertips…………….

Where Employers are automatically informed when absence levels become a cause for concern, where trends in absence are identified and addressed without delay…………

Where issues are addressed across the entire organisation with the consistency that proactively manages the risk of claims…………..

Where all managers and supervisors have the training and access to resources to enable them to confidently manage day to day employment situations…………

Where Employers have instant access to dedicated employment law solicitors who are acknowledged experts in their field………….

Where HR managers have access to on-line resources to support decision making, including laws in the pipeline and the outcomes of recent relevant cases at no extra cost………….

Where reactive spending on employment solicitors becomes a thing of the past……

Where peace of mind is a natural outcome…….

Why imagine?

FG Solicitors are proud to present SENTINEL the complete HR and Employment Law compliance package for Employers.

Reality at one with imagination!

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